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Discover the innovative platform that delivers analytics for the rest of us.

  • Dynamic Visualization Engine

    Wave features interactive visualizations that let you slice, dice, and drill into all your data. And Lightning Reports & Dashboards now include the look of Wave, for a seamless experience — whether you’re exploring data within Wave or looking at a listview in Sales Cloud.

  • High Speed Search-Based Query Index

    Free-form navigation of any type of data, structured or semistructured. See the complete picture and get complete answers.

  • Massively Parallel Infrastructure

    Next gen technologies — massively parallel processing, key-value pair data ingestion, search-based exploration — allows you to move through data at unprecedented speed.

  • 100% Vertical Integration

    No more abstraction between you and the data you want to explore. Our end-to-end integrated offering means the visualization engine is the query index.

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